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Honduras is a country that has all types of tourism (nature, colonial and archaeological) to promote and sustain a robust industry in the sector. To date, only some investors have identified these opportunities, it is worth mentioning that they have been very successful. To think of Honduras is to imagine kilometers of virgin beaches of white sands and crystalline waters, impressive coral reefs for scuba diving and snorkeling , Mayan archeology, historic colonial cities, indigenous ethnic groups that have preserved their language and culture, tropical cloud forests, nature and adventure. Today, Honduras is one of the most promising tourist destinations in Latin America and the world, that seduce visitors for their unusual experience and pleasant weather conditions throughout the year.

Our people

Hondurans by nature are passionate people, dedicated and committed to their work, which they do with discipline and perseverance, which make Honduras grow, advance and show to the world to be ever stronger.


Our places

Honduras is a true paradise of tourist sites that is made up of jungles, beaches, mountains, colonial towns and attractive cities, which have much to offer to those who venture to discover every corner of the vast “Catracho” territory.

Our products

Coffee, cocoa, sugarcane, tobacco and tilapia are some of the flagship products of Honduras’ production. They are also responsible for maintaining the country’s economy and, consequently, the financial sustainability of Honduran families.

Our language

Spanish is the official language of Honduras, however, because it is a multi-ethnic country, a variety of languages ​​from its indigenous groups are also spoken in its territory. English is widely spoken. 

Our food

Traditional Honduran cuisine is strongly dominated by seafood and corn, an indigenous crop that is part of the food base of the pre-Hispanic populations of Mesoamerica that lived in the region.

Typical Honduran foods are meat, poultry and fish, tortillas, beans, rice, dairy products such as local cheeses and butter, vegetables or legumes and fruits.

Coffee as an aromatic drink is not lacking throughout the country to accompany breakfast, dinner or at any time of the day.


The predominant religion is Christianity excelling the Catholic church, with freedom of worship. In the country all kinds of religions and beliefs are practiced. 


Another of the main tourist attractions of Honduras is its tropical climate, with average temperatures above 18 degrees Celsius throughout the year, so there is never frost or snow in the region, which makes it a paradise for tourists from temperate countries Honduras has two seasons, the rainy season between May and November and the dry season between December and April.

Due to its tropical climate, it receives many visits from tourists from North America and Europe during its winter months, between December and March. It is also visited by tourists from South America, South Africa and Australia during their winter months, between June and September.

The popular culture in Honduras

As in most countries, the popular culture consists of artistic creations where large audiences  attend to the shows. Such artistic-cultural exhibitions are held during certain days of the year through very creative celebrations. Various Saint’s fairs are held throughout the year throughout Honduras .

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